National Geographic: Nissi Beach has something for everyone

National Geographic recently reviewed the top beaches in the Middle East, ranking Nissi Beach among the best beaches of the region. Have a look at what the famous magazine had to say about the most popular beach of Ayia Napa:

Cyprus’s famous Nissi Beach has something for everyone. Its waters are pristine enough to earn it the Blue Flag designation from the Foundation for Environmental Education. But these golden sands also have a reputation as a nightlife destination, with the Nissi Bay Beach Bar hosting DJ sets every day during the high season, as well as foam parties, dance contests, and other shenanigans. For a more mellow experience, go in the winter months when the crowds have dispersed and temperatures remain moderate.

Ocean view: The town of Ayia Napa, where Nissi Beach is located, offers a variety of accommodations, including the well-known Nissi Beach Resort, tourist apartments, and hostels.

Source: National Geographic